Something's Rotten in Faerun

Finding Evermeet, and beyond

Via boat, traveling north, the party arrives in Waterdeep and charters another boat to Silverymoon in search of Elves who could help the party find Evermeet. After arriving in Silverymoon, Sybok is infected with a magical disease by a black robed stranger who inquires about the Tome of Eternal Life. Flaetcher is contacted by a man named Malborn who offers the party the use of an Elfrune that would take the party to Evermeet, but he asks that they break into the Knights in Silver barracks and leave “tracking powder.” The party double crosses him, informs the captain of the guard of the plan and takes possession of the Elfrune – a magical item that will transport it’s user to Evermeet.

When entering Evermeet, the party meets Queen Amlaruil Moonflower and finds that Rue is still alive but still infected by the same magical disease ailing Sybok. Queen Amlaruil Moonflower asks the party venture into the Anauroch Desert to seek a strange creature called a Gray Troll (a troll who’s energy has been drained away by undead, it’s regeneration keeping it alive). The Queen’s high mages need the specimens from the trolls hide to craft a healing serum for the mysterious disease.



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