Something's Rotten in Faerun

Return from the Troll Warren

Sybok is healed by the elves of Evermeet, after using components from the Gray Troll. The party is transported back to Silverymoon. They are told that they will be contacted at a later date to help with the recovery of the other volumes of the Tome of Eternal Life.

An important looking man (tall, fine clothes, short gray hair), Chandler Smythee, hires the party for “a possibly dangerous, but lucrative job.” Recently one under his employ was riding one of his prize-winning stallions in the country-side – beyond the cities border – when a large creature swooped down from the sky and carried it off, the rider fell and injured himself. Now he would pay well if the party was to find the tack, saddle and harness that was on this horse and retrieve it. He paid the party a small gold bar to secure their services (worth 150gp, with a ornate CS etched in it).

The party finds the location with help from the injured rider (a human rider man named Harnold) – he describes the creature as a giant bird with huge claws. He was riding in the mountains nearby in a particularly overgrown area of the woods. The party finds a dead grizzled old warrior – who, in life, was well past his prime with 2 deep puncture wounds that are darkly colored and on his person a small gold bar etched with a CS. A hundred yards past the body is a circular large tower set in the center of a smaller building. The party can enters through the warped iron gate. As the party is gaining entrance, a Wyvern (not a giant bird as Harnold remembered) swoops down for attack – Illyeria webs it (sticking it against the tower/buidling), and quickly dispatches it with a barrage of magic missiles and some of Fleacher’s magic arrows.

Once inside the tower, the party found dusty dirty rooms and old furniture and on the topmost level a ladder to the roof, where the wyvern makes its roost. They find the tack, saddle and harness (as well as the remains of the horse) – the saddle is discovered to actually be a Saddle of Flying.

Once the party slays the wyvern, they made their way back to town, to talk to Chandler, to which he will gives the party their reward having recovered the tack, saddle and harness in the Wyvern’s nest.

The next day, Flaetcher is confronted by a small group of well armed soldiers – they take Flaetcher into custody, for the apparent slaying of a magistrate. The case has been made that Fleatcher was seen covertly exiting the chambers of the magistrate, then jumping out of a window. The magistrate was found, poisoned by wyvern’s poison. It’s been brought to the attention of the watch that Fleatcher was recently in contact with a wyvern. A reputable eye witness recognizes Fleatcher – the witness is the wife of the magistrate.

Fleatcher is put in a dungeon unitl a robed figure and helps Fleatcher escape, explaining he is “today, a friend” and this is the best he can do under the circumstances. The party finds out that the magistrates wife actually saw Malborn enter and exit the chamber, but she has been charmed to believe it was Flaetcher. Illyria’s dispel magic revealed she was under the influence of a charm spell.

It’s learned that Mal has had dealings with the slain magistrate (who was on the take from the local thieves guild).



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