Something's Rotten in Faerun

Through the caves and watery tunnels...

Adventure log 2

CavernHaving made their way through the submerged tunnel, with the Tome in hand, the party discovers a series of caverns and caves. After battling scurrying rust monsters (sacrificing a very strong magical shield to them), hanging hook horrors and slithering carrion crawlers the group eventually found an escape to the surface – they squeezed and swum through a narrow water-filled tunnel, and found themselves in the basin of the cave-sinkhole near the entrance to the temple.

At the mouth of the basin, they found a group of formidable lizardmen and a mage garbed in black robes. Quick thinking Stumpy used his Philter of Persuasiveness to suggest that the lizardmen should run into the temple, to which Maynai trapped them inside with a well placed fireball, collapsing the entrance. The mage was struck down quickly with a barrage of magic missiles from Illyria and a quick chop by Stumpy’s axe. After the battle and treasure gathering, the group found their pony eaten by the lizardmen.

The party then makes it’s way back to civilization…



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