Staff of Thunder & Lightning


(32 Charges)

Casual examination of this stout quarterstaff will show it to be exceptional, and if it is magically examined, it will radiate an aura of alteration magic. Constructed of wood (ash) and bound with iron set with silver rivets, it has the properties of a + 2 magical weapon without any expenditure of its magical charges. Its other magical properties are as follows:

Thunder: The staff strikes as a + 3 weapon, and unless the opponent struck saves successfully vs. rods, staves, and wands, he will be stunned from the noise of the staff’s impact—unable to take any further action in the round struck, and automatically having last initiative in the following round. This power requires the expenditure of one charge.

Lightning: A short spark of electricity leaps forth when the opponent is struck, causing normal staff damage, plus 2d6 additional points of damage from shock. Note that the staff might not score a hit, but the electrical discharge discounts any form of metal armor (making the target effectively AC 10 for this purpose), so only such damage might apply. This power requires the expenditure of one charge.

Thunderclap: The staff sends forth a cone of deafening noise, 5 feet wide at the apex, 40 feet long, and 20 feet wide at a point farthest from the source. All creatures within this cone, wholly or partially, must roll a successful saving throw vs. rods, staves, and wands or be stunned for 1d2 rounds (unable to attack during this time) and unable to hear for 1d2 additional rounds. Those who save are unable to hear for 1d4 rounds, but suffer no loss of attacks. This function requires the expenditure of two charges.

Lightning Stroke: A bolt similar to that from a wand of lightning is generated, but it is of 8d6 strength, causing 16-48 points of damage (rolls of 1 are counted as 2) to those who fail a saving throw. The stroke can be single or forked. This function of the rod uses two charges.

Thunder & Lightning: This power combines the thunderclap, described above, with a forked lightning bolt as in the lightning stroke. Damage from the lightning is a total of 8d6 with rolls of 1 or 2 counted as rolls of 3, for a range of 24-48 points. A saving throw applies, with deafness and half damage suffered by those who are successful. This power requires the expenditure of four charges.

The casting time required for any function is equal to the number of charges expended; thus, the thunder & lightning function costs four charges and has an initiative modifier of +4.

Unleashing the power of a stave requires a specific verbal command word. The command word is “Molniya” – you do not have to speak this word loud to activate the stave.


Staff of Thunder & Lightning

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