Something's Rotten in Faerun

Return from the Troll Warren

Sybok is healed by the elves of Evermeet, after using components from the Gray Troll. The party is transported back to Silverymoon. They are told that they will be contacted at a later date to help with the recovery of the other volumes of the Tome of Eternal Life.

An important looking man (tall, fine clothes, short gray hair), Chandler Smythee, hires the party for “a possibly dangerous, but lucrative job.” Recently one under his employ was riding one of his prize-winning stallions in the country-side – beyond the cities border – when a large creature swooped down from the sky and carried it off, the rider fell and injured himself. Now he would pay well if the party was to find the tack, saddle and harness that was on this horse and retrieve it. He paid the party a small gold bar to secure their services (worth 150gp, with a ornate CS etched in it).

The party finds the location with help from the injured rider (a human rider man named Harnold) – he describes the creature as a giant bird with huge claws. He was riding in the mountains nearby in a particularly overgrown area of the woods. The party finds a dead grizzled old warrior – who, in life, was well past his prime with 2 deep puncture wounds that are darkly colored and on his person a small gold bar etched with a CS. A hundred yards past the body is a circular large tower set in the center of a smaller building. The party can enters through the warped iron gate. As the party is gaining entrance, a Wyvern (not a giant bird as Harnold remembered) swoops down for attack – Illyeria webs it (sticking it against the tower/buidling), and quickly dispatches it with a barrage of magic missiles and some of Fleacher’s magic arrows.

Once inside the tower, the party found dusty dirty rooms and old furniture and on the topmost level a ladder to the roof, where the wyvern makes its roost. They find the tack, saddle and harness (as well as the remains of the horse) – the saddle is discovered to actually be a Saddle of Flying.

Once the party slays the wyvern, they made their way back to town, to talk to Chandler, to which he will gives the party their reward having recovered the tack, saddle and harness in the Wyvern’s nest.

The next day, Flaetcher is confronted by a small group of well armed soldiers – they take Flaetcher into custody, for the apparent slaying of a magistrate. The case has been made that Fleatcher was seen covertly exiting the chambers of the magistrate, then jumping out of a window. The magistrate was found, poisoned by wyvern’s poison. It’s been brought to the attention of the watch that Fleatcher was recently in contact with a wyvern. A reputable eye witness recognizes Fleatcher – the witness is the wife of the magistrate.

Fleatcher is put in a dungeon unitl a robed figure and helps Fleatcher escape, explaining he is “today, a friend” and this is the best he can do under the circumstances. The party finds out that the magistrates wife actually saw Malborn enter and exit the chamber, but she has been charmed to believe it was Flaetcher. Illyria’s dispel magic revealed she was under the influence of a charm spell.

It’s learned that Mal has had dealings with the slain magistrate (who was on the take from the local thieves guild).

Into the lair of the Gray Troll

The elves of Evermeet transport the party magically to the Anaurock Desert to find the lair of the Gray Troll. The party finds the lair and learns the Gray Troll has taken over a Goblin warren, becoming it’s defacto chief. Fighting their way through the goblin-filled tunnels they eventually find the Troll and subdue it and force a portion of it into their bag of holding, knowing it will eventually regenerate fully. This way the party brings a live specimen back to the Council in Evermeet. The party teleports back to Evermeet using the Elfrune…

Finding Evermeet, and beyond

Via boat, traveling north, the party arrives in Waterdeep and charters another boat to Silverymoon in search of Elves who could help the party find Evermeet. After arriving in Silverymoon, Sybok is infected with a magical disease by a black robed stranger who inquires about the Tome of Eternal Life. Flaetcher is contacted by a man named Malborn who offers the party the use of an Elfrune that would take the party to Evermeet, but he asks that they break into the Knights in Silver barracks and leave “tracking powder.” The party double crosses him, informs the captain of the guard of the plan and takes possession of the Elfrune – a magical item that will transport it’s user to Evermeet.

When entering Evermeet, the party meets Queen Amlaruil Moonflower and finds that Rue is still alive but still infected by the same magical disease ailing Sybok. Queen Amlaruil Moonflower asks the party venture into the Anauroch Desert to seek a strange creature called a Gray Troll (a troll who’s energy has been drained away by undead, it’s regeneration keeping it alive). The Queen’s high mages need the specimens from the trolls hide to craft a healing serum for the mysterious disease.

Through the caves and watery tunnels...
Adventure log 2

CavernHaving made their way through the submerged tunnel, with the Tome in hand, the party discovers a series of caverns and caves. After battling scurrying rust monsters (sacrificing a very strong magical shield to them), hanging hook horrors and slithering carrion crawlers the group eventually found an escape to the surface – they squeezed and swum through a narrow water-filled tunnel, and found themselves in the basin of the cave-sinkhole near the entrance to the temple.

At the mouth of the basin, they found a group of formidable lizardmen and a mage garbed in black robes. Quick thinking Stumpy used his Philter of Persuasiveness to suggest that the lizardmen should run into the temple, to which Maynai trapped them inside with a well placed fireball, collapsing the entrance. The mage was struck down quickly with a barrage of magic missiles from Illyria and a quick chop by Stumpy’s axe. After the battle and treasure gathering, the group found their pony eaten by the lizardmen.

The party then makes it’s way back to civilization…

Into the crypt...
Adventure log 1

The players, traveling to Amn, encounter a dying elf named Rue, who claims to be a representative of the elven council at Evermeet, serving the Royal House of Moon Elves. He’s found a map to the whereabouts of the Tome of Eternal Life and the players need to recover it and bring it to Queen Amlaruil. The elf seems to have some sort of terrible plague, the party’s clerics try to no avail to heal the afflicted elf. Rue gives the party a roughly drawn map, which they follow.

The party finds a damp collapsed cave-sinkhole with an overgrown interior. A limestone stairway leads to an overgrown passageway entrance. Inside, the group find a long abandoned temple. Exploration leads to catacombs and an embalming chamber. After outsmarting some traps, an encounter with an undead dinosaur and escaping a sealed room locked with a riddle, the group finally bests a horde of mummies and a flesh golem guardian. After looting the room, they find a treasure trove including a huge tome.

The only way out of the final chamber is climbing down a well and swimming through a submerged tunnel…


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